Academic Projects

Comments and platforms – Master thesis

My master thesis investigates the differences between comments on news websites and on Facebook.

More information about this thesis will be published at a later date.


Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Pdf)

An academic paper where I consider some of the ethical dilemmas we will face in a future with self-aware artificial intelligence.


In this essay we will be discussing some of the ethical dilemmas that arise around the topic of artificial intelligence and robotics. We will be using the television series “Real Humans” to provide examples of the issues that arise when A.I. and robots become a major part of the human society. After looking at science fiction as a genre and artificial intelligence as a concept, the discussion will evolve around the issues of free will, consciousness, the rights and treatment of A.I., and the usage of A.I. as labor. Finally, the similarity between a proposed artificial intelligence and the human mind will be considered in order to come to a conclusion about the rights of A.I.


Intelligent Prosthetics (Pdf)

An academic paper where I suggest the creation of new, intelligent prosthetic limbs. Can intelligent self-operating prosthetics, fitted with artificial intelligence and sensors allowing for situational awareness, provide a more practical interaction with the user’s environment than unintelligent prosthetics that require direct human control to perform any action?


Web Design

Gjennom Nåløyet

A promotional website I created for the Norwegian documentary “Gjennom Nåløyet”, a movie about the high demands on Psychology students at the University of Bergen, and the sometimes random grading system.



QL Photography

A website I created for a photographer.






For this larger project I created a website where the user could find groceries on sale by selecting which stores they wanted to shop at, and the category of products they were interested. The website was dispanded due to low public interest, but was a great experience to create – mainly because my interest in the technical challenges of filtering data based on multiple variables.


Kollektivtrafikk i Bergen

One of my first websites, which I created with a class mate while studying web design. It is a collection of public transportation offers in Bergen, a website that I myself wished for when I frist moved here.



South Park Topics

One of the very first websites I created on my own, South Park Topics is dedicated to an often overlooked quality of South Park: it’s social critique. This website presents South Park episodes categorized by the many topics they are about.



Games / Apps

Space Pegs

A game about protecting Earth from alien invation with a giant cannon. It was made using GameSalad.


Civilization Paperwork

A text-based game in Norwegian where the player is the newly elected Prime Minister. The player has 4 years (or 12 rounds) to get re-elected by creating policy based on prompted questions – while having to pay attention to both popularity and the economy. Using humor, this game is an attempt to highlight some of the rediculous sides of Norwegian politics.