My Master Thesis: Comments on News Articles

For my master thesis I’m researching comments on news articles and on Facebook. I’m interested in how the social media platform effects the way people talk about subjects in news articles. Currently I’m in the process of fine-tuning my research method, and have come across reliability issues. The research method I’m using is qualitative content analysis. I’m dividing comments into categories, which has turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task. I have yet to find any previous research where comment’s have been categorized into general categories, and I’ve found myself having to conceptualize and define my own categories of comments.

The only thing that I know I will be “making” for my master thesis is a research report. But if there is time, I would also like to create some form of electronic artwork, visualizing any results I might find.

For this semester’s ResNetSem-class I will probably be doing one of two things: 1) write a first draft of my thesis. 2) Finish a part of my thesis, for example a chapter on the history of news article commenting and the spreadability of comments on Facebook.


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