Thoughts about Danah Boyd’s Podcast

I was first introduced to Danah Boyd when I read her book “It’s Complicated” about three years ago. I thought it was a great, eye-opening book. Boyd presents a well thought-through argument about the digital lives of teenagers, and introduces perspectives like the fact that kids today (to a higher degree in the US) have fewer opportunities meeting their friends outside of school.

This is one of the topics covered in the podcast, where she also talks about negative aspects of the internet, like bullying and racism. Boyd’s position is that the negative things we hear about on the internet, like cyber-bollying and racist remarks, are not to be blamed on the technology – that they are just a continuation of human behavior in a new medium. While I generally do agree with this, I am interested in how the internet changes the nature of such negative behavior, and if concepts such as anonymity and invisiblity makes it easier for some people to be anti-social online. And this is something that I miss from Boyd’s talk.

But in general, Danah Boyd continues to be an interesting researcher, and the views expressed in her podcast are un-sensational and thought-through.


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